Run-N-Gun Adventures

Corporate Outings

Let us handle all the details for your next corporate trip or company team building retreat!

Come down and relax at the Lodge while we take care of everything. No group is too big or too small for us to handle. Want to host your own company fishing tournament? We can do that and handle all the small details from trophies, weigh-in, Calcutta and more. How about fishing or hunting in the morning and playing a round of golf in the afternoon? Just another possible option when letting us help plan your event.

If you do not see a package below that fits your needs, contact us and we'll tailor one just for you. Combined hunting and fishing packages are available upon request. Our goal is to provide quality hunting and fishing trips for our customers, not quantity.


If you're looking to catch trophy trout and redfish, we're the right outfit for you. Wade fishing with bait during the summer months is our specialty and how we made a name for ourselves! Our pictures speak for themselves.
  • 10 Fishing Trips (4ppl)

    Included in cost: 10 Fishing Trips, Lodging and meals 
    *No Rod & Reel Rentals*
    *No Bait Included*  


At Run-N-Gun Adventures we have access to over 75,000 thousand acres consisting of rice fields, plowed fields, rye grass fields, wheat fields, managed duck ponds, DU projects, ranch ponds and marsh property. All hunts take place on private property leased and managed only by us in Matagorda and surrounding counties. Waterfowl season typically runs early November through January and provides consistent shooting all season. Teal season is usually a 16 day season during the middle of September.

We have NO OFF SEASON when it comes to waterfowl! Preparation for the next season starts a month or so after the current one ends. Discing, planting, burning, levee work, stage flooding and blind work are just a few of the things we are doing in the “off season” to ensure our clients have the best possible habitat to hunt. Habitat, water, food and roosts are the keys to attracting and keeping waterfowl on a property! We spare NO expense when it comes to these key components. Since a majority of the waterfowl we hunt are using the Texas Coastal Prairie as wintering grounds and the final stop on their migration south, resting and rotating properties is also a vital key to success. We can’t control Mother Nature, but we do make the best of what she gives us.


Duck hunts will take place on flooded rice fields, flooded millet ponds, flooded moist soil management ponds, flooded fallow fields, or managed wetland projects. We hunt a variety of different ways including pit blinds, laydown blinds, Avian A-frame blinds and a few stationary blinds as well. Since we are normally hunting wintering birds, being mobile and able to set up right on the ‘X’ is key. Typical bags will include pintail, teal, redhead, gadwall, wigeon, shoveler, and mallard. Diver shoots are available upon request. In addition, public bay hunting is available for clients interested in coastal species including redheads, scalp, pintails, canvasbacks and more. It’s hard to beat large groups of redheads landing in the decoys as the sun is setting on Matagorda Bay.

  • 5 Duck Hunts (4ppl)

    Included in cost: 5 Guided Duck Hunts, Lodging and meals
    Additional $250/person over 4ppl
  • 10 Duck Hunts (4ppl)

    Included in cost: 10 Guided Duck Hunts, Lodging and meals
    Additional $250/person over 4ppl
  • 15 Duck Hunts (4ppl)

    Included in cost: 15 Guided Duck Hunts, Lodging and meals 
    Additional $250/person over 4ppl


Goose hunts will take place in rice, planted rye grass, winter wheat or plowed fields. A typical hunt will include a large sillosock spread of up to 1000+ soxs. Specklebellies and snow geese are the target, but some years the lesser Canada geese will show up to provide bonus birds. It is also very common to shoot a handful of ducks while goose hunting. Intense management and letting the geese get comfortable on a property is vital to holding large concentrations of birds throughout a season. It is our philosophy to ensure quality hunting and insist on customer satisfaction.

  • 5 Goose Hunts (6ppl)

    Included in cost: 5 Guided Goose Hunts, Lodging and meals
    Additional $500 for pre-set spread per hunt
  • 10 Goose Hunts (6ppl)

    Included in cost: 10 Guided Goose Hunts, Lodging and meals
    Additional $500 for pre-set spread per hunt