Run-N-Gun Adventures

Caleb Rush

Fishing Guide & Waterfowl Guide

Caleb is the newest addition to the Run-n-Gun team and we are happy to have him on board! Don't let his age fool you as he's been tagging along helping his Dad on guided trips for over 10 years. Growing up fishing and hunting the Matagorda Bay Complex, he started learning the patterns at an early age. Wading or drifting and with bait or lures, he can put you on the fish in almost any condition. Caleb is also a dual threat when it comes to duck hunting as he grew up hunting the bay and has been learning from one of the best (Nick) on how to attack the prairie. Since the outdoors runs in his veins, he's a very fast learner and everything seems to come second nature to him. We are very excited about his future with us and the sky is the limit on his potential.