Aftersoon SMASH session!


Capt. Fletcher put his group on an afternoon SOLIDS smash session while looking for trophy trout. Read more.

Trophy trout, big boxes and happy clients!


TROPHY TROUT AND BIG BOXES! When the winds blows we wade and when it doesn't we get them drifting.  Read more.

GIANT trout, good boxes and excellent fishing over the last 2 weeks!


The last two weeks of fishing have been pretty dang good. Clients are still catching good boxes of fish along with some trophy trout both wading and drifting. Read more.

Drifting & wading both producing great boxes! Trophy trout released, pic heavy


I feel like a broken record as I type up this report, but the fishing has stayed flat out amazing! The Matagorda Bay system is in phenomenal shape!   Read more.

Great boxes of fish and a bunch of giants released!


The fishing has been about as good as it gets for us over the last couple days. Read more.

Drone pictures for update on new lodge build!


Here are a few drone pictures that were taken earlier this week of the lodge that's currently under construction along with the pond and dog kennels. Read more.

Grinding out solid boxes of fish!


The front that pushed through this past Sun slowed the fishing down a little for our groups, especially for the monster trout. Read more.

Insane day on the water! 10 trout over 25" released


WOW! Words really can't describe how good the fishing was yesterday(Fri)morning for the 3 boat party we had out. Read more.

Great day on the water for our clients drifting!


Great day on the water yesterday(Thur 9th) as both boats out put their clients on good boxes of fish! Read more.

Unforgettable afternoon! 10 trout over 25" released!!!


Yesterday afternoon won't soon be forgotten! Capt. Fletcher and his one client caught and released 10 trout over 25" with 5 of them being over 27"!  Read more.

Trophy trout and full boxes!


The fishing has been pretty dang good over the last handful of days! Read more.

Fishing has been GREAT!


The last handful of days it's been about as good as it gets for our boats drifting! Read more.

Duck Club overview and plan moving forward!


2016-2017 Duck Club overview and future plans to improve!  Read more.

Matagorda drifting stays on fire!


The afternoon fishing was been about as good as it gets this past Fri & Sat.  Read more.

Matagorda is shaping up to have another EPIC spring!


Looks like the EPIC spring we had last year is going to repeat itself as long as the winds cooperate. Read more.

Dialed in both wading and drifting in Matagorda!


The guys are dialing in on the fish both wading and drifting! Read more.

Lodge construction update!


The lodge build is coming right along!  Seems to get bigger and bigger every week.  Read more.

Trout just shy of 30" to break the NEW sled in right!


The guys broke in the new sled(PRIMETIME IV) the right way last week by catching a trophy trout just shy of the 30" mark on her first trip out of the gate!  Read more.



Over the last 8-10 days we've experienced just about every type of weather possible for Texas in January. We closed out crane season with an EPIC feet down beat down over the decoys!  Read more.

Texas ICE bowl 2017! Picture HEAVY


Breaking ice isn't something we're accustom to on the Texas coastal prairie, but that's exactly what we were doing this weekend. Read more.

60 bird goose hunt shooting DECOYING birds!


The snows played this morning! Nothing beats shooting decoying geese.  Read more.

Geese, Ducks & Cranes! 2 banded specks


Pretty solid morning highlighted by one of our groups shooting 2 banded specks! Read more.

Foggy morning success! Geese, Cranes & Ducks


Being on the "X" in the fog makes all the difference in the world! Read more.

Lodge Ground Breaking & concrete has been poured!


Playing a little catch-up on posting, but we have BROKEN GROUND and things are moving forward!!!!! Read more.

Solid Duck, Goose and Crane Hunts! PICTURE HEAVY


The last week plus leading up to Christmas was about as solid as we could have asked for! Read more.

Goose hunters dream, underneath the SPIN!


Beneath the spin and a few more feeds building!  Read more.

Split re-opener with LOTS of pictures!


Lost a lot of our ducks because of the front, but we gained a TON of geese! Things are about to get EPIC.  Read more.

Texas Coastal Prairie is coming ALIVE!!!


We've had some pretty good goose hunts over the last couple of days and LOTS of ducks and geese are arriving! Read more.

Solid goose hunts! LOTS of geese stacking up on our properties, pictures and videos


This week the speck limits continue to be easy to come by and a handful of snows joined the pile each day. Read more.

Closed it out right with some GREAT hunts! PICTURE HEAVY


We closed out the first half of duck season about as strong as possible. Read more.

Solid specklebelly hunt with a few snows!


Another solid morning in the goose spread for our clients. Read more.

THIS IS WHY! Habitat management


When people ask us why, THIS is the answer!  Read more.

Cold front produced some GREAT hunts!


We whacked them pretty good the end of last week and over the weekend. Read more.

Great hunts this morning, both Specks & Ducks!


We had two great hunts this morning! Limits on specks and ducks Read more.

Loading up with birds! Couple videos and we have openings


The full moon last night and front that's on its way has delivered a bunch of birds already! Read more.

Another weekend is in the books! Picture HEAVY


Roost and rest has been the key to having successful hunts with the mild temperatures we have had to start the season Read more.

Habitat management, controlled burn


Little habitat management yesterday afternoon! Controlled burn on some seed rice stubble that was harvested this year.  Read more.

Ribeye in the Sky!


Can't wait to get them in and to put the "ribeye in the sky" feet down for our clients.  Read more.

The 2016-2017 waterfowl season is officially underway! Fishing has stayed great as well


Our fresh water ponds close to the coast burned them down pretty good for both our guided hunts and club groups over the weekend. Read more.

Another roost doing its job!


Ducks enjoying the roost this afternoon waiting on the combines to finish harvesting rice so we can start pumping water for them! Read more.



November 5th-13th ONLY
$175 per person, 6ppl minimum Read more.

Birds are stacking up! Glory days are almost upon us and we still have room for you!!!


The prairie is coming alive more and more every day! Read more.

Duck & Goose season is about here! Prep-work is and has been in FULL swing.


We're less than two weeks away from opening up the regular duck and goose season! The RNG team has been working hard for months Read more.

Teal season recap and pictures from the final couple days


Teal season ended and our harvest numbers look like this: Read more.

2016 Alligator Season! Pic HEAVY


We had an absolutely fabulous alligator season this year! Read more.

Middle weekend of teal season stayed STRONG, PICTURE heavy!


The middle weekend of teal season stayed pretty strong for us with a handful of bands hitting the water. Read more.

First week of teal season recap! TONS of pictures


Recap of how the first week of teal season went for us! Lets just say it was a good one. Read more.



Absolute SMASH city again today! Somehow today's results were even better than yesterday. Read more.

Teal opener was a BARREL BURNER!


WOW!!! We couldn't have asked for a better start to teal season. Read more.

Teal are stacking up and we're ready to burn some barrels!


Tomorrow morning is go time! The teal have really been stacking up for the last week or so and honestly in all areas. Read more.

Teal are arriving & we almost have everything ready for them! Pic HEAVY


Teal season is quickly approaching and it looks like it'll be a good one! We started having birds show up about two weeks ago and since then more and more have joined. Read more.

We have TEAL starting to stack up!!! Thanks Mother Nature!


With the recent full moon and little front that came through a few days ago we have seen our first big group of teal! Prolly 800-1000 holding on a pond. Lots of small 20-30 bird groups scattered around as well. Read more.

Outstanding fishing lately and multiple 30's released!


Our fishing reports have been lagging over the last 3 weeks because we have been so focused on getting ready for waterfowl season, but the fishing has definitely NOT been lagging. The fishing has just continued to stay phenomenal all summer! Read more.

Absolutely phenomenal waterfowl "offseason"


It has been an ABSOLUTELY phenomenal "offseason" for us on the waterfowl side! We have added 5 additional properties that are as good or better than anything we already had. Read more.

Pits, flushing, flooding, discing and more!


Last week was super busy for us as we were getting things done ahead of the forecasted rain. Discing ponds for teal season, moving pits into position so backhoe just has to sink them in, moving skid blinds around and getting electric fences up were the main focus towards the end of the week as the rain chances continued to increase. Read more.



Our sunflowers are looking amazing! Still have a few spots left for opening weekend South Zone for anyone interested. Hunts take place outside El Campo. Contact us for more details.  Read more.

Thank you Mother Nature! Rain=Duck Food


Our duck food has EXPLODED with the recent rains. Farmers call them million dollar rains, we call them MIGRATION STOPPERS! Read more.

Waterfowl habitat update!


Our waterfowl habitat is looking good and it's going to explode with the recent rains!
 Read more.

Duck Club opening, guided hunts and prep-work update!


The prep-work NEVER stops! We disced a handful more ponds over the last couple days and will be planting around/during the rain today and tomorrow.  Read more.

Fishing has been flat out AMAZING!


The fishing has been flat out amazing over the last 8-10 days, both wading and drifting has been producing good boxes of fish! Read more.

2016 Texas Oilman's Invitational Tourney


The 2016 Texas Oilman's Invitational Tourney was a success! All our boats caught fish and some good ones at that. Read more.

More prep-work getting done for Waterfowl season!


Another couple ponds planted and fertilized this afternoon. Will be flushing within the next 2-3 days. Rice on one of our farms looks REALLY good as does most in the area. Read more.

BIG boxes and a few BIG girls from the last week+, PIC HEAVY!


The last week or so has been pretty good fishing as you can see from the pictures! Surf was flat for a couple days before Independence Day and we took advantage of it. Read more.

So Close to taking over STAR trout leaderboard..... EPIC day either way


WOW!!! Saying that Avery had an epic day might be the understatement of the year. Read more.

Another Solid day of planting in preperation for waterfowl season!


Disced, leveled and scratched ponds look so good before we plant them! Another good day of planting yesterday before the rain. Season will be here before you know and we still have a few openings during teal season for anyone interested.  Read more.

Epic morning on the water! GIANT TROUT


EPIC morning to say the least! Released multiple trout over 7lbs with the biggest going just under 30" and 8lbs for the group wading Read more.

BIG girls wanted to play this weekend! Pic Heavy


Friday-Sunday fishing put up a strong case to go in the EPIC category! Both wading and drifting produced great boxes of trout. Wading was the ticket for the BIG girls though. Friday one of our groups released 2 trout that were right over 8lbs on the boga and a couple more in the 6lb range. Read more.

Waterfowl Prep-Work in FULL swing!


Over the last 8-10 days we have finally got a break in the rain on a handful of our properties and have been able to get out and do some more work. Read more.

Fishing has been AMAZING! Pic HEAVY


It's been a little while since we've set down and posted a report to the website. Things have been super busy as the fishing has stayed GREAT, we were pre-fishing and fishing in Texas Trio Classic tourney and been pulling water off ponds to start getting them ready to plant for duck season.  Read more.

Texas Trio Classic 2016, 2nd Place Finish


First off a HUGE salute needs to go out to the Texas Trio Classic crew for putting on a great tourney for an awesome cause! Tons of work goes into putting on a tourney of this size and we appreciate everything y'all do. Read more.

Matagorda continues to produce solid boxes and BIG trout!


Last week we had a couple days that were a grind during the week as we were dealing with higher winds and clients that didn’t/couldn’t wade. We were still able to put them on fish, but it wasn’t our normal boxes as of late. As the week went on, things definitely got better! Read more.

Weekend of GIANTS!!! Trout that is.... Pic HEAVY


WOW! Talk about a weekend for the memory books..... Our drifting boats Fri-Sun were on an absolute roll catching and releasing monster trout. Read more.

High tide delivers solid box of trout!


High tides yesterday had the trout right up next to the bank, or at least that's where we found them. Focusing on bait around the entrance of cuts that had moving water was the key. First stop didn't have much bait thus we didn't find any fish so we made a move pretty quick Read more.

Solid week and weekend of fishing and brought home some hardware in Tourney!


This past week and weekend was a very productive one for our fishing clients. Wading and drifting both produced solid boxes of fish. The waders were throwing croaker and wet wading, while the drifters were mostly using live shrimp under a popping cork. Read more.

Fishing was GREAT last week and into the weekend!


Fishing stayed strong for our clients last week and into the weekend while drifting throwing popping cork and live shrimp or bouncing soft plastics off the bottom. Limits of trout or right at limits were taken every day with a handful of bonus fish as well. We also released a handful of trout in the 25-28 inch range to fight another day. Read more.

Pond maintenance in preperation for waterfowl season


Great waterfowl habitat doesn’t just happen; it’s the result of hard work in the “offseason” that produces ample food during the fall and winter. We take our “offseason” work very serious and it basically starts as soon as season ends. Yesterday we did some serious maintenance work to some ponds on a new property that we picked up for this coming season. Read more.

Matagorda Bay just keeps producing!


Matagorda Bay just keeps on producing solid boxes of fish for our clients! The weather wasn't the best mid-week, but that didn't stop the fish from eating. Drifting with popping cork and shrimp or gulp still seems to be the most productive, but one boat did hammer them pretty good on Sunday while bouncing soft plastics off the bottom while drifting.  Read more.

Scouting mission = SUCCESS!


The guys hit the water yesterday and today to do a little scouting and make sure they were still on the fish. We've had a lot of freshwater runoff and wind over the last couple days and they just wanted to check on a few spots and get some fish for themselves. Needless to say they are still dialed in! Read more.

New pit blind and front entrance to lodge/kennels almost complete


A few more additions and this BAD boy will be ready to go in the ground. Once we get this one picked up they'll get started on another one for us. Brady and the guys at Collins Welding have done a great job on the pits and we're very impressed with their work!

Hats off to Mike Grisham and crew that are just about finished up with the front entrance for us at the property were kennels are and the new lodge is going. We really like the way it turned out and couldn't be happier with the job they did.
 Read more.

MONSTER trout bite is on! **PICS**


The last couple of days can only be described as WOW! Just when we thought Matagorda fishing couldn’t possibly get any better, the guys roll off a weekend that clients won’t soon forget. Personal best were not only topped, but multiple times in the same trip. A handful of trout are on their way to the taxidermist and another handful of measurements are as well Read more.

Waterfowl Prep-Work in full swing, Dog Training and New Duck Camp update


WOW, talk about a busy and productive spring so far, we're firing on all cylinders to put it lightly.

-We have secured 5 ADDITIONAL prime properties for waterfowl hunting for this next season. Taking our individual pond total up to 75-80 ponds per season depending on farming rotation.
-We are really excited about how our executive duck club ponds(35+/-) are shaping up for this season.
 Read more.

Another solid weekend of hunts for the Club and Day hunters!


We can't complain about how our hunts went over the weekend at all. The club and our day hunters all saw a bunch of ducks. Lots of redheads, pintails and teal on the prairie right now. As normal in late season, they are getting harder and harder to hunt. Read more.

Best Weekend of Hunting So Far!


What a different some cold weather has done for our hunting! This past weekend was probably our best duck hunting across the board for both our club members and day hunters. LOTS and LOTS of birds have made their way into our area and they should stay for the remainder of season. Read more.

Colder Weather = Heavier Straps! More birds HAVE arrived!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and above all was safe in doing so!
Finally some decent waterfowl weather and the ducks have started stacking up! The full moon and cold front last week brought our area a good push of birds and so far they have decided to stay. Read more.

SOLID hunts in less favorable conditions!


So far this season we really haven't had any real waterfowl or wintery weather to speak of. Even though the weather hasn't been great we've still been able to put clients on good shoots as you can see from the pictures below.  Read more.

2nd Split is underway! Have some openings for anyone lookin


Wasn't the barrel burner across the board for the re-opener that we'd normally be happy with, but this year we'll take it. Sat morning it was 70 degrees at 4am, not exactly Dec waterfowl weather. Sun morning the front hit just after shooting time and for those that stuck it out were rewarded. Read more.

Front makes all the difference! Have openings this week


Oh the difference a real front can make! It's been a grind to say the least for the first part of waterfowl season. We have done ok, but not near what our standards are. Resting ponds 7-10 days between hunts has been key and we even have a handful that have yet to be hunted.  Read more.

Still grinding on them, need some COLD weather!


It was another weekend of grinding! Some mornings the action was better than the pictures show do to more shooting and releasing. We need some cold weather and full moon to help kick start a migration. Read more.

Opening Weekend Success!


And so it begins! Opening weekend was a wet one to say the least. Saturday the best hunts came from ponds closer to the coast for both our day and club hunters. Our prairie ponds had mixed results reported from club.  Read more.

Birds are arriving and we have the habitat to make them STAY


Things are coming along nicely as we're just a few days away from the opener! Didn't have to many blowouts/washouts from the rain over the weekend and we've been able to fix the ones that did without losing to much water. We'll finish brushing blinds and any touch up work on Thursday. Read more.


For older reports, follow this link to our old website